Student success Deryan Barker

Deryan Barker

Although he’d been accepted to several law schools, he did not have the financial resources to attend until connecting to The Scholarship Fund. He has since opened his own law firm.

Deryan’s Story

My dream was to become a lawyer, but I didn’t have the financial resources to pursue my dream. Nevertheless, in my senior year at The University of Texas at Dallas, I applied to several law schools—and I was accepted.

Thankfully, that’s when one of the academic assistants at UTD told me about The Scholarship Fund. With the Fund’s financial help each year of law school and with my own hard work, I earned my juris doctor from Florida A&M College of Law.

After graduating, I opened my own law firm in Philadelphia for four years and then relocated to Washington to pursue a college teaching career.

Today, I’m working as an Insurance Law professional for major insurance company and pursuing my doctorate degree in leadership studies at Gonzaga University. After I earn my PhD, my goal is to teach in a university business school.

When The Scholarship Fund invested in my future, they not only changed my life, but helped create a new legacy for upcoming generations of the Barker family. I am so grateful for their belief in me and my success.

I encourage The Scholarship Fund to continue to invest in the lives of people like me—people for whom financial assistance makes all the difference in their ability to reach their full potential.

–Deryan Barker, insurance law professional for a major insurance company and doctoral candidate in leadership studies
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