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Scholarship application process

The Scott Murray Scholarship Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization that provides scholarships to college or vocational school for individuals from the state of Texas who have the desire to further their education but lack the necessary financial resources.
General Information

Any scholarship award is based on the individual’s documented financial need as well as the resources of the Scott Murray Scholarship Foundation. Scholarships are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis, and scholarship recipients must re-apply for each semester in which they want to be considered.

To receive a scholarship, the applicant must have been accepted to a college or vocational school. We encourage our applicants to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. You will find additional requirements listed below. We have no restrictions regarding age, sex, race, creed, religion, or national origin.

Important dates for Fall 2023 scholarships

June 1, 2023

The General Application Form and all additional required documentation are due.

July 12-15, 2023

Each student will be interviewed by members of the Scott Murray Scholarship Foundation Selection Committee. These short interviews will take place via Zoom. A parent or guardian is encouraged to attend, but it is not required. We will email you to let you know your interview time.

July 20, 2023

Students will be notified whether or not they received a scholarship. Awardees will learn the amount of their scholarship.

Application requirements

You will complete two forms

To begin the application process, you will first fill out our General Application Form. Once you submit this form and we confirm receipt, you will use the Cover Letter Form to accompany each of the subsequent documents you are required to submit. Do not send any additional documentation until we confirm receipt of your General Application Form.

Step 1

General Application Form is the first step in the application process. You will not be able to save the form and come back to it. We suggest that you look at the form first to learn what information you will need to gather. Once you complete and submit the application form, you will receive an email indicating that we have received it.

Step 2

After we receive your General Application Form, you will need to submit a Cover Letter Form with each piece of additional documentation required. We accept Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, .jpg/.jpeg, or PDF files. Please note that letters of recommendation are to be sent directly from the writer.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the application process, please contact us at
Required documentation


Proof of family income. (Copy of FAFSA or current year income tax form)


Current photograph of applicant. (Minimum 4×6 inches or 540×360 pixels requested)


Current official high-school or college transcript.


Copy of acceptance letter from educational institution.


Three letters of recommendation. Two letters must be from current teachers and/or coaches. The remaining letter may be from a clergy member, employer, or family friend.

Each letter must include the applicant’s name, writer’s name, writer’s address and phone number, and must answer the question: “Why do you think the candidate is deserving of this scholarship award?”

All letters of recommendation are to be emailed directly to We will send an email to the writer, and to you, indicating that we have received the letter of recommendation.


Personal essay to address:

  • All school and community activities in which you have participated, listed in the order of their importance to you.
  • Awards or honors you have received, including any honor societies to which you belong.
  • Description of your career goals and how you plan to achieve them.
  • Description of your personal goals and how you plan to achieve them.
  • Description of any plans you currently have for helping to finance your college education,  such as a part-time job, student loans, grants, etc.
  • Why is your family unable to fully support your financial educational needs?
  • Why do you believe you are deserving of this scholarship award?

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