Supporting the Success of Students

Scott Murray Scholarship Foundation

Together we can provide financial assistance to individuals from the state of Texas who have the desire to further their education but lack the necessary financial resources.

Our Impact

We’ve worked to improve the lives of students in our community by supporting student’s educational efforts.

Young people from all Texas communities can make a huge positive difference when they have the opportunity to pursue their education. They study to become engineers, healthcare workers, social workers, teachers, policy makers, attorneys and more. We provide financial assistance to help them achieve their academic goals and flourish in life.

Scholarship fund students college class
Our alumni are hardworking, resilient and determined individuals who want to make positive contributions to our community. Scott Murray Scholarship Foundation helps them achieve their goals and dreams.

Scott is most honored to – with the assistance of so many generous partners – change the lives of young people looking to further their education.

Support us and change the course of a student’s life today!

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